A story shared is a story remembered.

Everyone’s life matters.

We all have stories to tell and knowledge to share, especially with those we love.

Stories connect us to each other, to the past, to our history.

Time passes whether we acknowledge it or not.  Caught up in life’s routine, we don’t always notice until life sends us a wake-up call.  It could be a scare like a serious diagnosis or unexpected illness, or a happy event like a birthday or anniversary.  We suddenly become very aware of the years slipping away.

Memories are precious but their details fade.  You might remember a vague story about your family, but the details are fleeting.  If you can’t pick up the phone to ask about it, that story is gone.

My grandparents passed when I was a teenager.  My parents have been gone almost a decade.  I wish I had taken the time to sit down with them individually when I had the chance, to talk with them, to get to know the people they were.  To hear them talk about their successes, their fears, and their outlook on life.  What was their favourite food?  Colour?  Childhood memory?  These questions won’t be answered if we don’t make time to listen. 

Make time to ask the questions, listen to the stories and to learn from what has come before. 

I missed my chance.  Don’t miss yours.

Share Your Story

It would be my honour to help you or someone you love to record their story, their wisdom, and their voice to help you and your family remember.