As my paddle dips into the calm surface of the lake, I think about how the same day, week, or month can hold different meaning for different people.  September marks the anniversary of many milestones in my life – both happy and less so.  I know it does for others too.  Life in parallel – my happy memory is another’s saddest day, and vice versa.

Mixed Meaning

We were married twenty years ago this September fourth.  Our anniversary is a day of happiness and reminiscing, celebrating together with a special supper, and receiving well wishes from friends and family.  We look back at the amazing things we’ve experienced, the tough times we have overcome and wonder what lies ahead.

While we celebrate that day, I know that others do not.  Two people I love very much are wrestling with the loss of their Mom who passed away two days before.  Others are marking the anniversary of the death of their spouse.

Children young and not so young are facing a new school year – anxious about classes, excited to see friends, curious about what the semester holds.  Parents are struggling with the excitement, apprehension and melancholy of sending children off to school – some for the first time, others for the last.

My September Milestones

Twelve years ago, we were exploring Scotland, the home of my husband’s ancestors, for the first time.  It was also when Mom’s symptoms started to show, though we had no idea what lay ahead for all of us.

Ten years ago on September first, Mom moved into the hospice that would be her home for the next four months.

Seven years ago at this time, my sister and I were preparing ourselves to fly to British Columbia to say goodbye to Dad.  Two days later he was on a flight home.  He would live for another three weeks.

Last year we were exploring Newfoundland from coast to coast.  We spent three weeks with good friends travelling across an amazing part of this country, living an adventure.

September.  It’s a second new year for many and holds many of my life’s milestones – the happy and the sad.